About Nat

My name is Nat Needle. I am a veteran jazz pianist and vocalist living in Worcester, Massachusetts (New England’s 2nd-largest city!) Right now, I’m excited about giving piano lessons for beginners in Worcester, MA

I’m an experienced teacher of piano, music theory, and public performance skills for all ages and abilities. To learn about my teaching philosophy and resumé, visit my Lessons page

I am drawn to the popular styles of 1910-1965: jazz standards, swing, soul, samba, blues, bop, Broadway, R&B, and I keep exploring new territory!

I am experienced with bringing vintage music to seniors living in all kinds of communities and facilities: check out my Senior Sing-Along demo video

One of my special skills is to be comic OR elegant to suit the occasion, be it a wild cabaret or a formal wedding ceremony. I love to engage audiences, but I also enjoy providing background atmosphere that helps people connect on their own. I have long experience both as a solo pianist/vocalist and as a small ensemble player. For a resumé of my performing experience, visit my Musical Services page.

To find out where to hear me perform regularly, and learn about special events, visit my Shows page.

I am also a songwriter! I can write custom music & lyrics for your special occasion! To buy my CD, Worcester Potholes, a comic musical tour of New England’s second-largest city, visit my Shop page.

I’ve directed musical theater, written original musical plays, and led hundreds of sing-alongs for all ages.

I am in love with the power of music, song, and entertainment to build community and bring out our full humanity.

I am also a Social Inclusion Entrepreneur. In this role, I contract with agencies who have a mission to integrate marginalized people into the social mainstream, helping them build wider social networks to overcome isolation and dependence. One way I do this is through Take Down The Wall Cafe (visit this page), a monthly open mike that brings people with and without disabilities together.Examples of often marginalized people are those with psychiatric, emotional, developmental, and learning disabilities; English language learners; people who suffer from trauma that occurred in civilian or military life; new immigrants to the USA, and so on.

My missions are to keep the great popular music of past decades alive, and to bring down unnecessary walls that separate all people from the full-spectrum experience of what it is to be human. Sometimes these goals can go hand-in-hand! Nothing brings people together across barriers like shared creativity!


What IS it About Nat?
I got 10 toes too, just in case!

I got 10 toes too, just in case!